Saturday Afternoon Activities

Little Creatures Brewery Tour - SOLD OUT

Cost: $12.00
Time: Tour starts 3pm
Length: Approx 1 hour
Getting there: 5 minute walk from the Esplanade Hotel - meet in the lobby at 2.40 pm sharp!

Starting in the Brewhouse with a talk about the ingredients that make up beer, then ventured all around the site, explaining the history of Little Creatures and the process of turning those ingredients in to beer. The tour finished back in the Brewhouse where the tour guide took delegates through a full tasting of all the different beers and cider too! If you had little ones, they could come along too, free of charge.

Please note this tour was sold out, if you wished to still visit the brewery you were more than welcome to visit the brewery as it was accessible to the general public.

Little Creatures main

Fremantle Prison Tour

Cost: $20.00
Time: Tour starts 2.30pm
Length: Approx 1 hour
Getting there: 15 minute walk from the Esplanade Hotel - meet in the lobby at 2.05 pm sharp!

‘Step inside and do time’ with our experienced Guides and explore Fremantle Prison from its convict origins in the 1850s until its closure as a maximum security prison in 1991.
Walk back in time through the Main Cell Block and exercise yards to view life as it was inside for convicts and prisoners alike.
With a whipping post, gallows and solitary confinement cells, Fremantle Prison is a monument to a system of punishment that is uncomfortably recent.

Book your spot here.

Fremantle Prison tour

Please ensure you arrive back in time for the not to be missed 1920's themed Conference Dinner. 

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